CE's ECO: Biofuel wave of the future or thing of the past?

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Biofuel wave of the future or thing of the past?

Pen Name EzineArticles Corbin E

Algae biofuel a literal way to Go Green

I am still a proponent for the electric car that can be recharged via renewable energy sources such as solar and wind powered solutions.

But algae could be a useful addition to the answer of our dependence on foreign fossil fuel. Why give our hard earned money away to outside sources?

I am a big fan of the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel, so when I caught the tail end of the new show Brink and their presentation of Algae to Oil I just had to investigate this just a bit further. Cool stuff Pond Scum “Power”.

Video is courtesy of Science Channel Brink

As the title of this post suggests thing of the past, nature started this process millions of years ago apparently most of the fossil fuels we use today are from pre-historic algae and not just from old dead dinosaurs but this process takes way to long for us to benefit from Mother Nature. Also the U. S. Government was vested in this process back in the mid 1990's

“This is algae's second coming. The first attempt, run by the U.S. government in the wake of the last oil crisis, was killed in 1996 by the Clinton administration while oil hovered around $20 per barrel.” popularmechanics ,

This company Solazyme is obviously making strides in the technology not only can they drive a vehicle directly with no modification on their fuel but you can cook with the products they are producing as well so it can't be all that bad.

So what has sparked interest in this wave of the future fuel again, well yet again as I have said be for the only way people wake up is to hit them where it hurts in the pocket book. Oil prices per barrel were up in the 120$ range and more.

Cost is the only thing that motivates people, not the brown air they are breathing or the environment that may or may not be accelerating to total disaster.

Now that per gallon prices for gas has dropped back down to acceptable levels my feeling is that people will be lulled back to sleep on this issue of fossil fuels. Don't fall for it, the new administration that will be in power here soon has made it quite clear one of their efforts will be to reduce or eliminate our dependency on foreign sources.

Now the question for you is do you really think they will open drilling off shore, or force via taxes the new revolution of energy?

This Green Fuel is still far from becoming economical to produce, and will not be the end all of energy either. Growing algae for this purpose is very good for the ecology thought because it does consume CO2 and provides Oxygen back to the atmosphere. It will grow in fresh water, salt water, and even sewer water. So its diversity can be utilized any where there is sunlight and a water source. And it has the added benefit of not crossing in to our food supplies like ethanol based fuels. As previously reviewed in this post.
But still we will be filling our tanks with something that burns, even though it may be better in the manufacturing process and a reduction of pollutants it still burns and emits nasty chemicals. Thats why I still think this is a better investment in our future. Electric Cars?


Pete said...

Hi,nice posting of going green to save the environment. Wanna exchange link? Thks

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Anonymous said...

Hi again, we already exchanged links so I'm not sure you're up to doing it again, but I've got this new blog that would go real good with this particular post:


we exchanged on the Wind Energy one: http://reasonablepower.blogspot.com

PS) how did you get that http://science.discovery.com/ video to embed on your blogspot blog?
I went there and didn't see any embed code.


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