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Green Sex Tips??

This is just a quick post, if you have read any of my previous post you already know I am an avid Discovery Channel / Science Channel junkie. Couple nights ago I came across their Planet Green Channel and was watching Build it Bigger Greensburg. While researching information on the town for another post and came across this

How To Go Green: Sex. Alternative energy is one thing but Green Sex Tips.

I had to look in to this.

“It might not be the first thing we think of while working towards a sustainable and graceful life on this fragile planet, but there’s a lot we can do to make our sex lives greener. In the process of greening the ecological footprint of our love making, we might also open up some new doors to deeper pleasure, satisfaction, and romantic connection.”

The site has a ton of information including 10 Top Sex Tips
1. Employ Green sex toys
2. Lube up
3. Use condom
4. Give (and receive) sexy gifts
5. Have green, sexy fun
6. Put some bamboo in bed
7. Mention the unmentionables: eco-undies (huh??)
8. Taste sweeter juice?
9. Turn on natural aphrodisiac
10. Meet that special green lover

Green Sex: By the number ratios and percentages on condoms and devices.

Green Sex: Getting Techie “green birth control”

And the list goes on, I’m not suggesting you should go out and read the articles but if you want here is the link http://planetgreen.discovery.com/go-green/sex/green-sex-basics.html



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