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Reduce, Reuse, Re CraigsList ??

Quick and Simple CraigsList How To E-Guide

Ok so I'm not sure that Re-CraigsList really is a part of the Green Mantra, but hey as far as I am concerned it should be. CraigsList is a fantastic place for you to recycle your no longer needed or wanted (gently) used stuff. It has been said "one person's trash is another’s treasure." So why not take advantage of that fact and post your stuff on CraigsList.

CraigsList is easy to use and post on, but if you really want to optimize your postings, get it sold fast, and for how much you want for it you need some help.

E-Guide How to Sell on Cragslist

how, why, and when to put up a post on craigslist.

Do you have questions like:

Q: Is there a better day to post a listing on Craigs List to get it sold?

Answer: Yes (it's in the guide)

Q: Can I get bigger pictures on my listing?

Answer: Yes (it's in the guide and how to do it)

Q: Is there a better time, when should I post my listings?

Answer: Yes (it's in the guide and why)

And many more answers to your questions of why and how. As well as a very simple template that will help you instantly get your listing up.

It is a cheap and easy to use guide that should help you get your stuff recycled and .. hey you may have a bit of GREEN put in your pocket.

E-Guide How to Sell on Cragslist

All of the content in the E-Guide How To is as-is take what information helps you and throw the rest away just like anything else in life. Also attached in the .zip file is a very simple .txt template that has been very successful for me. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader and an un-zipping program there are no passwords for the file.



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