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Alternate Energy Sources - Learning From Japan

Alternate Energy Sources - Learning From Japan

By: Penny Mena

If you thought that the only power source Japan has been using to create energy is wind power, you may be making mistake. Wind power is one of the major sources in Japan but it is not the only source because Japan is also using water power to generate alternate energy source. We call them micro-hydroelectric power plants because they help generate electricity by using water power form Japanese countless rivers and mountain streams. These power generating plants run by water are estimated to be able to produce a maximum of 100 kilowatts or less. In other words, mini-hydroelectric power plants can claim a maximum energy productivity of 1000 kilowatts of electric energy.

Today, people have realized that the alternate energy source generated from these micro-hydroelectric power plants can be used by Japanese cities in stead of being adequate for mountainous belts of this country. Kawasaki City Waterworks, Japan Natural Energy Company, and Tokyo electric Power Company are three big Japanese corporations involved in the generation of alternate energy source form water. They are also involved in setting up mini-hydroelectric power plants catering to urban Japan.

All people in the world know that natural energy sources are running out rapidly, but they seem to ignore this problem because their being busy with their life. Some people who are interested in the problem do not know how to solve it. There are many alternative energy sources for us to generate or create for our potential energy such as solar power, biomass energy, wind power, hydrogen, and other resources which we can use them for our lack of natural energy problem today.

If we do not consider the alternative energy for our current life and in the future, and not find the way to create alternate energy sources, we are going to have no energy anymore for survival. So, Japan seems to be good model for us to learn from. They are one of the smallest island nations of the world but they can completely foresee and prepare to face the world wide shortage of natural energy which is coming. They are making the world amazed because of their flexibility and excellent ability in solving current energy problem.

From learning Japan model, we can find out your own way to deal with natural energy shortage in the world and search for the best ways to create good alternative energy sources for our present life and for our next generation in the future.

Author Resource:-> The author enjoys writing and researching topics that are related to world energy situation including electric generator, natural and alternative energy, renewable energy solutions. Additional information about Alternate Energy Sources - Learning From Japan , click Earth4Energy now.

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