CE's ECO: Cash for Clunkers Killed Americas best Recycling Program
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Cash for Clunkers Killed Americas best Recycling Program

Obama Administration has effectively killed the best recycling program in the United States.

One Big Ass Mistake America….

The used car industry is still reeling from affects of the Cash for Clunkers program.

It is very difficult for Dealers to get used cars at a reasonable price anymore causing them to past the expense down to their buyers.

This is a trickle down effect, a good portion of the population that has felt the down turn of the economy can not afford the price of a new car nor can they get the credit required purchase the new vehicle.

Those people that have either had their pay cut to keep their jobs, or lost their jobs recently are now in a very precarious position. Their only resort is to the High Risk loan offices that charge exuberant interest rates or Buy Here Pay Here locations.

What the Cash for Clunkers program did was to take in vehicles that qualified for the program and forced the Dealers that participated in the program to destroy the vehicle. So now that vehicle could not be sold to the secondary market killing the green recycling portion of our economy.

Not only were the Dealers required to provide documentation that the vehicle was rendered inoperable but also that it was crushed.

This killed another portion of the recycling aspect as well. Salvage lots and Junk Yards were not able to even sell useable parts off of these vehicles that qualified for the program either. These secondary marketers for parts gave significant discounts on parts that would normally be very expensive at the dealership.

For me, it was definitely an idea gone wrong even my 1994 Toyota was getting 34 miles to the gallon 4 years ago before I sold it and that was with almost 200k miles on it. But selling it was a mistake that I made. How can buying a new car really benefit America with better pollution standards when a 1994 model did better than 90% of the cars on the road today?

Again One Big Ass Mistake America…



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