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Tubular Skylights – How Do They Work?

Tubular Skylights – How Do They Work?

By: Charlie D

Individuals crave natural sunlight. Nearly without exception, folks desire a lovely, sunshiny day to a grey gloomy one. So it is sensible that folks install windows and skylights in their homes, to enhance the access that they need to sunlight, even once they are indoors. Many people install skylights as well to increase the natural lighting of a space, that in turn helps to lower energy costs. Most skylights are nothing more than a window within the ceiling. Like several other windows, they let light in, but will also let heat in, as the warm rays of the sun increase the temperature of the area. Tubular skylights, that employ the utilization of a solar tube, do not have this problem.

To understand what a tubular skylight is, we should initially explore what a solar tube is. A solar tube is a device that captures the light emanating from the sun and then transfers it to another location through a reflective tube. A lot like a periscope in a submarine, that uses a series of mirrors and lenses to deliver a picture from point A to point B, a solar tube permits for the utilization of sunlight in an area that's not directly in the sun. A tubular skylight is a skylight that uses just such a tube to capture sunlight and feed it into an area or space.

Tubular skylights have several advantages over traditional skylights. Other skylights can be pretty difficult to put in, as they require a reasonably sizable space to be cut out of your roof and ceiling, and then changed with a special type of window. These skylights allow the full spectrum of light to enter your space, which can cause fading and discoloration of your carpeting and furniture. Other skylights add light in a very direct line, illuminating the area immediately below the window and nowhere else. As talked about before, they'll also produce additional heat in your home. Solar tubes don't endure any of those complications.

Tubular skylights are easy to put in and may add as much as 1300 watts of light to a room, without adding any heat. The light gained from a solar tube skylight is mirrored down a tube and then diffused right into a room, which permits the light to be spread throughout a bigger portion of the room. The UVB and UVC rays which can cause coloration fading are also eliminated, meaning that your carpeting and furniture will enjoy a longer life as well.

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