CE's ECO: Oceana Maps the Oil Plume in the Gulf
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Oceana Maps the Oil Plume in the Gulf

A blog from Oceana's online editor:

Our expedition in the Gulf of Mexico has been underway for nearly a month now, and the latest leg of the journey is getting to the heart of our mission on the water: learning more about how much oil remains in the ocean.

During this leg, Oceana?s Pacific Science Director Dr. Jeff Short is leading a team in an experiment to measure the underwater oil plume near the site of the disaster. Dr. Jeff Short is one of the world?s leading experts on Exxon Valdez and the effects of oil spills.

The team is deploying a series of moorings with oil sensor strips in three areas radiating out from the Deepwater Horizon?s wellhead.

What started as a complex procedure has been complicated further by nasty weather. As you can see in the photo slideshow below, the Oceana crew faced heavy rain and high seas during the past few days of the journey.

Check out Oceana's blog for daily updates, check out more videos and photos from the boat and join the more than 155,000 people who have take action with us to stop offshore drilling.

Written by Emily Fisher, online editor at Oceana.

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