CE's ECO: Planet 100 Top 10 Most Outrageous Stories (Video News)

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Planet 100 Top 10 Most Outrageous Stories (Video News)

Today, Planet 100 presents its 200th episode. To celebrate this milestone we're counting down the Top 10 Most Outrageous Stories from the last 200 days of Planet 100.

WATCH VIDEO: Planet 100's Top 10 Most Outrageous Stories

Choosing just 10 wasn't easy; in the past several months, Planet 100 has covered everything from naked protesters to underwater sex acts, gas-guzzling dinosaurs to endangered sharks. But in the end, there was only room for a few handfuls of great stories.

Hooters girls and a Manhattan tsunami, the Double Down and the Sushi Nazi, all found a place in the final list but you will never guess which story took the top spot.

Relive Planet 100's Top 10 Most Outrageous Stories:

bp crystal meth photo
Image credit: Getty Images

As if this whole Gulf Oil Spill business wasn't dirty enough, news of drilling agency staff behavior just made things a lot more tawdry.

An interior department report cited a variety of violations of federal regulations alleging that staff members at an agency that oversees offshore drilling accepted gifts from petroleum companies and used government computers to view pornography.

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sushi photo
Image credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Remember the infamous Soup Nazi in Seinfeld? Well a Japanese sushi chef in Sydney is demanding similarly high standards of her customers.

Tired of food waste and its associated environmental impacts, Chef Yukako Ichikawa of Wafu Restaurant demands her patrons eat all their food or pay a fine and not return.

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jarred air photo
Image credit: Thomas Northcutt/Thinkstock

Stressed city workers in the UK were offered jars containing 'fresh air'.

Each jar was said to contain 0.42 grams of fresh air and have the ability to relieve stress for up to 10 minutes.

Read more: Air in a Jar

beijing zoo photo
Image credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Not feeding the animals is standard fare at zoos, but what about eating them? Beijing Zoo's restaurant serves webbed toes of hippopotamus and dishes made with crocodiles, scorpions, and kangaroo tail much to the chagrin of the International Fund for Animal Welfare who deem the practice "utterly inappropriate."

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botox injection photo
Image credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

New Research from Barnard on Botox is proving a century old theory that a lack of facial expression can actually inhibit emotions. After being injected with Botox, subjects in the study had a significantly reduced emotional reaction.

Read more: Botox Kills Emotions

new york city tsunami photo
Image credit: Hemera/Thinkstock

To celebrate the 40th Earth Day, Planet 100 looked ahead and imagined what some of the stories might be 10 years in the future.

For New York, at least, the outlook was bleak: Warnings were issued that a tsunami may flood the city.

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hooters girls photo
Image credit: Getty Images

The Hooters girls have been long been renowned for their flesh colored pantyhose, and now they're being employed to help save the Gulf.

Who would have thought the Hooters girls second most famous asset would provide a viable solution to the oil crisis?

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kfc double down photo
Image credit: Getty Images

KFC's new sandwich, the Double Down, avoided messing around with all that useless bread and replaced it with two fried chicken breasts.

That's right, two chicken breasts, two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheese.

Read more: Double Downer

paul the psychic octopus retires world cup photo
Image credit: AP Photo/dapd/Mark Keppler

He was dubbed the oracle from Oberhausen, the soccer sage, and the psychic cephalopod?he was, of course, Paul the Octopus who retired with a perfect World Cup prediction record.

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tony hayward bp gulf oil spill gaffes photo
Image credit: AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari

The ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf is a clear tragedy—but that hasn't kept some people from misunderstanding it's impact. Tony Hayward's gaffes were so numerous and outrageous, they almost deserved a show unto themselves.

Read more: Tony Hayward, King of Gaffes

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